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Twitter app for Windows

Twitter is a social media platform available as an app for Windows 10 users. The microblogging app comes with a character limit and lets you explore a lot of content in a short while. You can use the platform to access live news, connect with people from around the world, and get into discussions on various trending topics. The Windows app offers all the latest features and is available in over 20 international languages. You can also download it on Android, iOS, and Mac devices.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free social media platform where you can express your opinion on trending topics, discover the latest news and discussions, connect with people, and follow celebrities, politicians, athletes, and other public figures. The feature that sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms is its microblogging style. This means that all of your tweets (posts) must stay within the 280-character limit!

Twitter app for Windows 10 is a progressive web application (PWA) powered by the Microsoft Edge engine. As a PWA, it is essentially a website that functions and looks like a native mobile app. It’s designed to offer users a streamlined Twitter experience with instant notification, tweet bookmark option, private messaging, integrated search, and automatic refresh for real-time information.

Familiar user experience

If you’ve used Twitter through a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, the interface of the Windows app will feel quite familiar. But compared to the website, the Windows app offers better readability. The app is also designed to function like a mobile application, so users with a touch-screen laptop will enjoy the performance. However, using the app with a mouse or touchpad may not be as smooth.

The layout of the Twitter app is quite functional and comes with Home, Explore, and Notifications tabs. When you are on the Home tab, you’ll have access to your personalized news feed, holding the latest and most popular tweets by people, businesses, and topics you follow. To discover fresh content, you can go to the Explore tab where content is segregated by categories and trending hashtags.

Boasts the latest features

Once installed, you can log on to the app using your official Twitter account ID and password. The latest version of the app supports extended character limit and lets you post tweets embedded with emojis, videos, GIFs, and photos. It shows content in the form of a timeline, so you can easily discover fresh content, get up-to-date on news from around the world, and manage notifications.

Additionally, you can use the Twitter app for Windows to add details to your profile like a picture, background image, location, and bio. It also lets you look back on your past tweets and go through bookmarked content. Since the app works in real-time, you’ll get an alert anytime someone likes or retweets your tweet, or if you receive a mention or private message from other Twitter accounts.

Available in multiple languages

The lightweight, easy-to-download application comes with a language selection prompt during installation. You can choose from over 20 international languages including, English, Italian, Urdu, French, and more to tweet and chat with friends and followers. You can also use the Twitter app for PC to create groups with people that follow you.

Comes with a daily tweet limit

One slight drawback of the Twitter app for Windows is that it puts a limit on the number of tweets and messages that you can send. However, this limit is over a thousand or more each day! So unless you post more than a thousand tweets a day, this limitation shouldn’t cause any problems.

Doesn’t support multiple accounts

Twitter app for Windows is like the website version and only supports one Twitter account. Therefore, if you use different accounts for your professional and personal use, the lack of multiple account management functionality may seem like a disadvantage. However, if you want an app to handle multiple accounts, get analytics, and run campaigns, you’re better off with a paid Twitter client that supports these features.

How do I open a Twitter account?

Once the Twitter download is complete, you can launch the app to explore different signup options. You can either enter your email, username, or password to create an account or complete a Twitter login using your cell number.

How is Twitter used?

Most people use the Twitter search to discover and participate in discussions around the world. To post a tweet and be part of the conversation, you just need to click on the tweet icon, compose a post, attach images or GIFs, and click on post. You can also like and retweet any post that catches your eye!

Can someone know if you look at their Twitter account?

Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter doesn’t show users any information on who visited their profile or scrolled through their tweets. However, you do get notified if someone likes or retweets your post. Notifications are also sent out for direct engagement such as messages and mentions.

How do I get Twitter notifications on Windows 10?

One of the best ways to get Twitter notifications on Windows 10 is to download the dedicated Twitter app. The app also lets you change your notification settings as per your preference.

Are there any alternatives?

While Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging software, it does have a few alternatives. Some of the most popular alternative programs to Twitter are Mastodon, Tumblr, and Facebook. In case you want to manage multiple accounts and are looking for Twitter clients, you should check out TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and Social for Twitter.

Should I download the Twitter app for Windows?

The Windows 10 app for Twitter is quite efficient. If you use the social media platform regularly, you should download it. You’ll get instant notifications as well as a dedicated window to access the latest news and updates. That said, in case you’re looking to manage multiple accounts or run campaigns, you should opt for a Twitter client.


  • Easy navigation and search
  • Highly-curated explore segment
  • Familiar user interface


  • Daily tweet limit
  • Only supports one account


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Twitter for Windows 10


Twitter for Windows 10


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  • monday shaduracka

    by monday shaduracka

    is nice because it eases my work when dealing with my pc at my work place

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    i can reach the world with twitter in my PC. so i can get many friends, familly and get any relationship too. i like it

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    by manmee dezoysa

    it is better way send messages and also pictures.i think it it awesome

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